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Ultimate standard of excellent digitalization

Alipay+ Premier Partner program represents the certificated excellence of payment, marketing, solution digitalization in this cyber era. The partherships pave the way to ultimate innovations and marketing effectiveness.

Recognition and Certificate

Get featured in our official directory with certificate to facilitate your business expansion

Marketing Resources

Gain more customized marketing opportunities including sales promotions and mass communication to drive growth

Ride the tide of new technology

Be the early bird of our ever-evolving payment and marketing tools with hands-on support

Eligible to the annual awards

Alipay+ Premier Partners with the ultimate performance will be rewarded the annual awards and extra incentives in return

Unfold partnerships towards excellence

Alipay+ Partner
Integrate Alipay+ solutions to provide convenient payment and perks for your customers.
Contact us for the integration guides.
Alipay+ Premier Partner
Getting certificated as an Alipay+ Premier Partner unlocks more marketing resources.
In 2023, the Alipay+ Premier Partner program is open for merchant partners who:
  • are airport/ duty-free store/ shopping mall merchants, and
  • are leading players with top transaction volume, and
  • have adopted Alipay+ innovative marketing tools
Alipay+ Premier Partner Awards Winner
Alipay+ Premier Partners with the best practice will be rewarded on the annual award night.
Evaluation is based on partners' business performance with Alipay+ solutions.
Become an Alipay+ Premier Partner to unlock more growth
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