Pay with Alipay or your home e-wallets in the Chinese mainland
When shopping at merchants in the Chinese mainland (except for special occasions), if you have Alipay or home e-wallets on your phone, just open it and pay directly once you see .
Welcome to use the following e-wallets, and more to come
Present and pay
Open a code for cross-border payment on an Alipay+ partner e-wallet
Present the payment code to the merchant for scanning
Payment completed
Scan and Pay
Scan merchant’s payment code with an Alipay+ partner e-wallet
Enter the payment amount and confirm to pay
Payment completed
Convenient digital payments
Enjoy hassle-free payment experience with e-wallets you’re familiar with. No extra setting-up* to enable cross-border payments, so you can pay as easy as at home.
* E-wallets may ask for identity authentication, set payment limits or constrain payment channels. You may contact your e-wallet Customer Service Center for details.
Wide merchant coverage
Tens of millions of merchants across the Chinese mainland accept Alipay+. Simply look for at checkout counters (except for special occasions), and you're ready to go.
Transparent FX rate
Payments are settled using Alipay+ foreign exchange rates, which are updated and disclosed every business day. No additional fees are collected from Alipay+.
Frequently asked questions on Alipay+
How to know if a merchant in the Chinese mainland accepts Alipay+ payment methods?
When you see at checkout counters in the Chinese mainland (except for special occasions), you can pay with your home e-wallets.
How to check the foreign exchange rate of payments made through Alipay+?
Exchange rates can be viewed via text prompt on the payment page or bill details.
Do I need to pay additional fees for the cross-border payments?
No extra fees will be charged by Alipay+.
What should I do if I have further payment-related questions?
You may contact your e-wallet Customer Service Center to get help.
You may also download Alipay app and add an eligible international bank card for convenient digital payment
The international version of Alipay is tailored for overseas travellers to China, aiming to fulfil their mobile payment needs in China and pay easily with Alipay. Overseas users can download Alipay, choose the "International Version" after signing up, and bind a bank card (international cards are also supported on Alipay) to start their mobile payment journey across China. Whether to shop in brick-and-mortar stores, hail a cab, take public transport, book flight tickets or hotels, global travellers can all pay with Alipay. Additionally, the international version of Alipay also offers online translation, currency conversion, and other services to enhance the travel experience of global tourists in China.
As the official payment partner of the 19th Asian Games Hangzhou 2022, Alipay has upgraded the service to make sure overseas tourists may enjoy mobile payment in the Chinese mainland.
After downloading the Alipay app, signing up, and linking an international bank card of major card networks, overseas travelers can start their mobile payment journey in China and pay like a local.
Eligible international cards:
Get started with Alipay in 2 steps
1. Download and register
Download and registerDownload Alipay App, enter your mobile phone number, tap “Next” to register.
Scan the QR code or search to download Alipay app
2. Add bank card
Tap “Add Now” and follow on-page prompts to complete the process
Frequently asked questions on Alipay
International bank cards refer to cards of major international card networks, including credit and debit cards, issued outside the Chinese mainland.
Where can I pay with international bank cards using Alipay?
Consumers can add international bank cards to their Alipay accounts and pay for daily purchases within the Chinese mainland. International bank cards do not support person-to-person transfers, sending or receiving red packets, wealth management services, insurance services, or other financial services.
How do I know the exchange rate of the transactions made with international bank cards on Alipay?
The exchange rate for International bank card is provided by the card scheme and issuing bank to which your card belongs. Please refer to the billing statement of your bank card.
Alipay Customer Service
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us
0571-2688 6000 (Calling from a local Chinese number)
+86 571 2688 6000 (Calling from an overseas number)
(Service time: MON - SUN, 08:00 - 24:00, GMT+8)