A suite of cross-border digital payment and digitalization technology solutions connecting global brands with mobile-savvy consumers worldwide.

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Alipay+ Cross-border Mobile Payment Digital Platform

Imagine you have a single key to conveniently access multiple e-wallets and payment methods. Alipay+ supports borderless payment and marketing solutions serving millions of businesses of all sizes. Consumers can pay like locals anywhere using their preferred payment choices, such as e-wallets and banking apps.

Payment Technologies and Digitalization Services
Alipay+ Payment Technologies and Digitalization Services provide digital technology solutions for business operation digitalization, e-wallet development, digital finance development and risk management for customers across different industries, supporting their digital transformation and accelerating financial inclusion.
Payment Technologies
Alipay+ Wallet Tech provides a full suite of e-wallet solutions enabling customers to build e-wallet apps quickly with world-class reliability and stability.
Digitalization Services
Alipay+ D-store is an "all-in-one store" solution that provides full-stack online tools for merchants, especially brick-and-mortar businesses, to digitalize payments, operations, services and marketing processes across platforms and social media channels, helping them operate more efficiently and unlock new revenue opportunities.

Alipay+ Premier Partner Program

Unveil the ultimate standard of excellent digitalization and how the program could accelerate your business

Jan 3, 2024

Dubai Duty Free Leverages Alipay+ Solutions to Reimagine Seamless Shopping Experience for International Visitors

Dec 8, 2023

Citcon Partners with Alipay+ to Enable Cross-Border Mobile Payment for US Retail Merchants

Sep 29, 2023

Alipay+ Partners with Global Brands in #MoneyCannotBuy Initiative to Attract E-Wallet Users across Asia

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