In-Store Payment

Scan to pay abroad, as easy as at home

Enjoy easy in-store payment at home and while traveling, all made possible by the latest QR code payment technology compatible with global industry standards.

Millions of merchants across the world now accept in-store payment with Alipay+ partner payment apps.

Benefits all merchants great and small with simple integration into their point of sales.

A mobile phone with a payment app supported by Alipay+ is all a customer needs.

Advanced technology and expertise from Ant Group future-proofs your business for the digitized world.

Merchant-presented mode payment
Accept payment easily by presenting your QR code for customers to scan and complete payment
User-presented mode payment
Pay smoothly by opening and presenting your mobile payment app QR code for the merchant to scan
Open and trustworthy technology
Open-source SDK guarantees product customization and data privacy for our partners.
Compliant with local and global QR code standards for maximum compatibility.
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