Mobile Payment Providers

Take your users to a brand new world of borderless payment

Alipay+ connects mobile payment app users to millions of merchants across over 55 countries and regions, supercharging your cross-border payment service.

Get connected with brands globally
Go another step beyond the ordinary mobile payment experience to give your users global payment power
Whether it's online game top-ups, streaming service subscriptions, or shopping at a souvenir store abroad, your users will be ready for a smooth payment experience wherever they are.
Borderless compatibility
Show users the power of mobile payment anywhere, anytime - a world where traditional payment hassles are eliminated.
Boosted sales
Integrate marketing activities into the payment process with a frictionless user experience to increase conversions.
Keep your users coming back
Offer user rewards and daily services for greater satisfaction and convenience
Convenient living
Turn ordinary apps into 'all-in-one' apps. Alipay+ D-store lets third-party developers build in-app mini-programs, digitizing daily services such as food ordering.
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